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Wim Hof Update- on the Road

By April 6, 2017 No Comments

Hotels and travel are a great scheduling tool.  I was traveling all last week and I got into the groove of waking up early, getting through my Wim Hof program, working through the day, working out in the afternoon, eating dinner, and getting to bed early.

Family is wonderful and chaotic.  Life alone is boring and static.  Sometimes boring is a good antidote to my traditional frenetic pace, but I am not sure I would live a boring life for very long.  My subconscious yearns for excitement and change even while my psyche loves predictability and order.  When contemplated, the paradox of my own mind is unnerving and comical.

My breath-hold times in my Wim Hof practice have stabilized and are no longer progressing.  I am consistently holding my breath between 2 and 3 minutes, but my “breath-hold” push-up output is steadily improving by about 5% per week.

It makes sense that I would not be able to expand my lung capacity indefinitely.  However, there is something de-motivating about hitting the asymptotic curve where gains are minimal and progress is microscopic.

I am much happier in Week 6 of Wim Hof with the cold therapy, and I stayed at The Palms Place in Las Vegas where I utilized their plunge pool in the Spa for my cold treatments.  The immersive cold is painful for the first few minutes, but then with the breathing exercises prescribed by Wim, the cold disappears and a warmth appears.  

Using the cold plunge, after the initial pain, my skin felt like the cold crust over a glowing core body temperature.  

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