Wim Hof is a habit that hurts when broken.  I do my Wim Hof breathing exercises in the mornings when I wake up, but often, on the weekends, my schedule is broken and I miss a breathing day.  Wim will tell you that it is fine to miss a day, but my experience is different.

Missing a day makes me feel sluggish, and my brain feels dull like a beanbag.  The daily positive impacts of the breathing, cold and exercises are not nearly as dramatic as they were when I first started, but the negative effects of not re-energizing my body with breath, exercise, and cold are pronounced.

It is a strange sensation of being guilted by my body into doing the things that I want to do.  I am not sure if I like these feelings, but I am appreciative for the positive reinforcements my body gives me (even if I don’t always listen).

This week, the cold was no fun.  The weather outside was cooler than normal.  I fought off a small cold that invaded my family but I was already cold when I got to the shower and my discipline was challenged.  Last week was endured and discipline was manufactured.  This upcoming week will be better.


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