Taking Care of Your Face:  A 40-year-old problem

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I am 42.  I am in the sun at least 5 days per week (with sunscreen).  I played sports as a kid (no sunscreen).  My face is getting major lines, and although I spend very little time on my personal appearance, I am probably a little vain.  I just had my first skin cancer cut out of my face, and although it was not too big or too bad, I now must go to the dermatologist every 6 months.

  • I am not stoked about how I look (compared to my 30-year-old self…or even my 35 year old self).
  • I am concerned about my health.
  • I have never worried about any of this stuff before.

The term metrosexual was established, and I never thought of myself in that category.  A great friend of mine who is a huge success in the finance world loves to get pedicures, manicures, eyebrow waxes, massages, etc.  He is a great guy, but he is not me.  I have never done any of those things, and I say that with pride.

That said, I am getting older, and I feel like I must do something.  I am taking the next 6 months to explore all things skincare.  I just learned that my skin is the largest organ in my body.  I never thought of it that way.  I better start taking care of it.  So, I am going to explore this world of spas, dermatologists, estheticians, and anything else that might be helpful, and I will share my experiences.

I will be honest about my feelings and experiences as I stumble through the world of what I call taking care of my face/skin.

Now, if I don’t exactly know how I feel, it is probably because I am conflicted between my “tough guy” upbringing and my vanity.  It is hard for me to share these things.  I am a man.  I am not supposed to care about the vanity, and I am a bit embarrassed.  Additionally, I used to get showered, changed, etc. in about 10 minutes.  I really don’t want to take more time getting ready.  I can come up with all kinds of excuses as to why I should stop right here.

I am not a dermatologist.  I am not very interested in this stuff.  I am sure some of the stuff I am doing is not the best way to do it, but, for a guy who never did anything…anything is a step in the right direction.  So here we go:

Day 1:  After my new tattoos (scars) from the dermatologist, I have a new daily skincare regime.  Here it is:


  • Wake-up and drink a glass of water. I have been told by many people that adequate hydration really helps your skin look better and defend itself.
  • Wash my face and neck (something I did not know was that my neck has been getting the worst abuse of all, because when I started putting sunscreen on my face, I neglected my neck). I use Cetaphil facial cleanser and warm (not hot) water in my shower or sink.  I don’t have one of those fancy skin cleanser things, like these Clarisonic cleansers and brushes, because I am not quite ready for that level of commitment.
  • Apply SPF 15 Keihl’s daily moisturizer/sunscreen
  • Apply lotion to the rest of my body. Ok, this was a weird one for me.  The last time I even saw people do this was my college locker room.  All the black guys used Jergens lotion to keep their skin from getting “ashy”.  Because I am not black, I never really had to worry about getting “ashy”.  So, I forgot about any kind of moisturizer.  If I ever showered right before bed, my skin would get dry and itchy.  I never used any moisturizer and just figured it was me, and I needed to tough it out.  Now, I apply body lotion to my body after every shower, and it feels great.  My skin is never itchy, and I never knew that this would feel good.

Evening Before Bed:

That is it.

Other grooming stuff:

I shower every day.   I like Dr. Bronner’s peppermint soap to wash my body.  I like the smell and feel of Sun Bum shampoo and conditioner.  **The owners of Sun Bum are great people and our kids surf in the same surf contests.  They also have several great sunscreen products.  Check them out here. They are a big supporter of the youth surfing community in Southern California, and I love supporting their Company by buying their products.

I shave about 3-4 times per week, and I also use a Keihls aftershave moisturizing lotion after I shave.

I shave between my eyebrows about once per week to keep from looking like Anthony Davis.

I would never get a kiss from my wife if my nose looked like I was a fire-breathing dragon.  I trim my nose, ear, and other unwanted hair with the Norelco Bodygroom hair trimmer.

Now that I write it all down, that is a lot of bullshit.  I am not sure that it is worth it, but I’ll keep you posted.

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