Future Projections and Predictions – Geopolitics

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Where are we going to be in 2030, what does it mean for you, and how can you make money investing in the future? I am doing a series of predictions and projections in numerous industries. These are my views and how I personally see the industries going in the future.

Here are a few of my thoughts about Geopolitics:

  1. India is the next great superpower
  2. Central Eastern Africa (Tanzania and Kenya) are the next great emerging markets
  3. Mexico will devolve into Civil War that will split the country and the US will annex Baja California (ok that last part was just wishful thinking from a passionate Baja surfer).
  4. Putin will be assassinated
  5. China will be (mostly) democratic…just like they are (mostly) capitalistic today

Interested in reading about more of my predictions? Check out my projections and predictions for the Accounting and Finance sector as well as for Science.


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