Future Projections and Predictions – Health Care

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Where are we going to be in 2030, what does it mean for you, and how can you make money investing in the future? I am doing a series of predictions and projections in numerous industries. These are my views and how I personally see the industries going in the future.

Here are a few of my thoughts about Health Care:

  1. Mental Health will be the #1 health epidemic in the developed world.
    • We will cure most major diseases, come up with cures for viruses previously thought impossible, and we will have proactive medicine that keeps people healthy rather than fixing them when they get sick.
    • While communication and information is more accessible, understandable, and available to, I am not sure, our human brain has progressed fast enough to appreciate or absorb all of this information. I predict that this information overload will lead to an explosion of depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder, PTSD, and schytsophrenia.  The US (in particular) will need a reversion to state sponsored mental intuitions or the explosion of mentally disabled people will explode on the streets and result in a massive increase in the homeless population and continue to make cities and major urban areas less safe.
  2. Chemotherapy will be seen as medieval torture.
    • Alternative therapies for cancer will be developed that make chemotherapy look like ancient blood letting and shock therapy. Our grandchildren will ask, “Why did they think putting massive amounts of poison in your body would help?”
  3. Hospitals will be used for emergency only.
    • Surgery centers will replace hospitals for all planned surgical procedures and large medical complexes will be displaced by small personalized medicine.
  4. Health Insurance will be for catastrophic medical conditions only
    • By 2025 the top 10% of wealthy in the US will migrate to self-insured pools with on-call doctors and specialists. This HMO for the 21st

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