Fighting a Cold with Wim Hof

By April 27, 2017 No Comments

So this is an update with Wim Hof, the breathing exercises that I’m doing. Although they make me feel wonderful, there’s an interesting dichotomy where I actually feel pressure to do them and it’s difficult to get up in the morning, even though they’re only 15 minutes long.

I slacked off for nearly five days and immediately got sick. It was a week of hell; no fun, in bed with a cold, feeling terrible, trying to figure out what I was going to do to get myself out of this. I went to the doctor early in the week and he gave me antibiotics, but they didn’t help so I took the week and just rested.  On Friday I went back to the doctor and said “Doctor, I’m not getting better what is the problem?”  The doctor told me simply,  “You’re not sick anymore don’t accept this, go live your life and do normal things. Get back into your breathing,  do your cold showers, get back on the Wim Hof system, do your daily routine exercises.”

Here’s the amazing part- I got back on my regular program and then my mind turned off the fact that I was sick or could be sick, and I actually got well within a day and half.  Within 30 hours I couldn’t feel any of the symptoms that I had just 30 hours before that, and it was an amazing transformation. So I’m back on the Wim Hof system, back on the cold showers, back on my daily routines, and I feel better and it was a good life lesson.


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