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Cool Things I Found Last Week:

By March 1, 2017 One Comment

Documentary film worth watching (on Amazon / Netflix):  Minimalism – It is an interesting look at how “stuff” does not make us happy.  It follows two guys on their journey towards spreading the good word about living a less cluttered life.  I am not ready to move into a 200 sq. foot house, but I like thinking about how I could focus more on relationships and less on stuff.

Documentary film worth watching (on Amazon):  Thundercloud – This is an fascinating movie about one of the best waves in the world called Cloudbreak, Fiji.  The movie was recommended to me by Mike Graney a friend and fellow surfer Dad.  Amazingly, this is a movie about the biggest swell to ever hit Cloudbreak and the people who surfed it.  There is jaw-dropping footage of the swell.  However, this movie is not just for surfers, my wife watched it and loved it.  There is a lot of personal intrigue regarding the professional tour, big wave surfers, respect, and the pecking order in the surfing world.

Book I am Reading:  The Fast Close by Steven M. Bragg – A boring book with enormous value for business owners.  A recipe to reduce/eliminate fraud, increase efficiency in your organization, decrease costs, and gain control of your business through accurate and timely accounting.  I love the book, and we used many of the principles espoused in the book to build the TGG Way best practices used by hundreds of our clients nationwide.

New recipe I used:  The Vegan Buddha Bowl: Ok.  If you are not a vegan, this recipe sound like it is going to taste terrible.  It doesn’t.  I was blown away at how easy it was to make and how good it tasted.  Then, the next day, when you have left over avocado vinaigrette, you can eat a steak with said avocado vinaigrette (like I did) and feel better about your overall diet.

Music Show to See:  Jeff Bridges and the Abiders. A mix of country, blues, and rock played by the Dude and his band of excellent musicians.  Awesome show.  Jeff is a great performer.  At one point, my wife leaned over and said, “That is a guy who is really enjoying his life.”  I aspire to that quote.

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