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Cool Stuff Week of September 18th, 2017

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Say, “Yes, and”…rather than “Yeah, but…” – Recently I was speaking at the Great Game of Business Conference and one of their breakout sessions highlighted the power of positive improvisational conversation. Using the words “Yeah, but” has the tendency to raise anxiety, tension, and confrontation.  Using the words, “Yes, and” has a productive benefit of creating more opportunities and being non-confrontational. Consider this the next time you are in a collaborative conversation.


Training can be fun. There is a game website where in less than 20 minutes you can set up an interactive training and question and answer session for anyone you are training.  I am going to use it at TGG with our employees to create micro-trainings and reinforce the lessons learned with a competitive, fun, interactive quiz at the end.  Check out Kahoot to reinforce training in a fun and competitive way.



The Great Game of Business– This is a book by Jack Stack that advocates for open-book management and radical transparency and training of your employees. I love it, and we have implemented many of Jack’s pearls of wisdom at TGG.  This is one of my top 5 business organizational books, and the conference held this week in Dallas was exceptional.


Thursday evenings at Red Tracton‘s – Ladies, if your man brings you to Red Tracton‘s, watch out, it is getting seriously loungey. This is an old school Del Mar landmark that serves stiff cocktails, low lighting, and red, tufted leather chairs.  Their prime rib and lobster is legendary, and they have been doing it right since 1948.  It feels like Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra might show up at any moment.  The people-watching is priceless after a long day at the racetrack (think lots of ladies in white pants and the gentlemen who love that).  The food is solid, but I go for the ambiance.  They have a piano bar consistently playing seventies cheesy lounge music which is just perfect for this environment. Grab a cocktail, relax and enjoy!

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