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Cool Stuff Week of September 11th, 2017

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Acoustic Music – I love acoustic music and rarely get the opportunity to experience it. This is some of the best that I found online from a good friend Kevin Choquette of Fident Capital.   You can find a link to the music here.


Schezwan Flower —Ok—WTF- This is a flower that you eat and it totally numbs your mouth. On a recent trip to Dallas, my bartender/waiter Ty brought one for me to try.  It was one of the strangest culinary experiences in my life.  Definitely worth the experience or useful for a good party trick.  You can buy them here.


Speaking of Ty -Awesome service cannot be exaggerated. My bartender/waiter was engaging, asked about me, asked about what I like to eat and drink, and then proceeded to create my entire order for me with drink pairings.  Awesome stuff and a great reminder to me that service trumps all else.  People remember how we make them feel!


Elk Steak – Last time I mention Ty (I swear). In this nice steak house in Dallas (SER), Ty recommended the elk steak.  It was a rib-eye cut with a perfectly balanced dry rub of salt and pepper.  Cooked rare, it was juicy, and as tender as a filet mignon but more flavorful.  Ty made me a version of their Manhattan with bourbon barrel smoke to go with the steak, and it was a magnificent combination.  I am definitely going back to my epicurean man-crush Ty and his steak and drinks the next time I am in Dallas.

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