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Cool Stuff Week of May 15th, 2017

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Cheesesteaks – Last week I was speaking in Philadelphia and had the good fortune to eat at two of the best Cheesesteak restaurants in the world.  Geno’s and Jim’s on South.  First, I had to learn how to order.  Talking to a business owner in my audience she suggested a highly controversial order (nobody in Philly can agree on where to get the best cheesesteaks or how to order them).  My order was, “Cheesesteak, American Cheese, Onions and Mushrooms.”  I had a cheesesteak at each restaurant, and they were both magnificent.  Jim’s chops their meat.  Geno’s keeps their meat in strips.  Both use top quality Top Sirloin, and very fresh onions and mushrooms.  I am not sure which is better, but when you are in Philly, you must try both.

Cheesesteak from Jim’s Steaks

Live Music – On a random Thursday night, my wife and I found amazing “Cuban inspired” music at a local Leucadia restaurant, Le Papagayo.  This band of three people put out amazing music, and they made me smile.  This night at Le Papagayo reminded me of how much I love music and how much it gives back to me.

Flamenco Nova at Le Papagayo

Monk Month – The month of May is my monk this year.  No drinking.  Why?  To prove to myself that I can.  Alcohol is such a big part of my social life, and the first week is tough.  The second week is easier, but it is still amazingly awkward to tell your friends or other business colleagues that you are not drinking.  Beer is a social staple, but my body is feeling great without it.  My sleep is better.   My workouts are sharper, and my brain feels a bit faster.  Better still, in the first two weeks, I have lost about 6 pounds.

Alesmith .394 – The Beer I am dreaming about and will drink on June 1.  Named after the legendary Tony Gwynn.  This is the best Ale I have ever had.  It has enough flavor to satisfy most IPA palettes but it is not hoppy enough to scare away everyone else.  Fabulous beer.  Hmmmmm Beer.

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