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Cool Stuff Week of March 20th, 2017

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TV Show:  Billions on Showtime / Amazon

The first season was amazing.  The acting performances put out by Damian Lewis and Paul Giamatti make you want to watch them every minute they are on the screen, and when they are not you want them back.   Essentially, this is a show about a billionaire hedge fund manager and the New York District Attorney that wants him in jail.  The personal vendetta does not get old and the unexpected plot twists and turns keep me wanting to binge watch the entire thing.  Sadly, Showtime only puts out one episode per week.




When my wife bought this magical robot vacuum, I was skeptical.  It works by memorizing your house.  It gets smarter and methodically cleans the floors.  Beware if you have pets, however; one of my friends told me that one of her cats had crapped in the living room and the Roomba magically spread cat poop all over the house. We don’t have any cats, and, so far, it is working well.  The usual kitchen crumbs are cleaned and gone by the time we get back to the house.  It is a little noisy and it doesn’t go upstairs, but it is rechargeable and keeping our floors clean.



Interesting thought: 

If someone does not return your text, email or call, don’t make it about you.  My instant reaction is that they must not like me.  While that may be true, a happier thought is that they are just busy or forgot about it, or maybe they didn’t get it.  Now, even if they are ignoring me, I am not upset and it doesn’t ruin my day.




Blankets made from traditional sleeping bag material.  Totally obvious cool concept created by Wylie Robinson and his team at Rumpl.  These blankets are warm, comfortable, stylish, and durable.  I put one in the back of my truck for unexpected picnics of naps in the mountains or the beach.



Most underrated food: 

Corned Beef – Perfect St. Patrick’s Day food.  Frankly, perfect for a lot of meals.  I made the corned beef in 4 hours with garlic green mashed potatoes, and a light cabbage slaw.  The leftovers were awesome (maybe better than the night before) with leftover mashed potatoes and cabbage in between a fresh sourdough bun. Here is my favorite corned beef recipe.

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