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Cool Stuff Week of June 5th, 2017

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  1. Cool Article – Here is a list of the best science and nature shows on Netflix right now. 
  1. Shared by my good friend, Daniel Passov (CEO of Greek U).  Daniel is one of the most empathetic people I know.  I love this guy, and he shared this video on Empathy vs. Sympathy.  I wrote a blog on this topic, you can find it here.  I love this video.  It is a great reminder about the importance of connection not opinions or advice.


  1. Post Scarcity Economy – Don’t know what that is? I didn’t either until my buddy Kevin Choquette from Fident Capital turned me on to this article.  Very interesting stuff.
  1. Tim Ferriss Podcast #237 with Dr. Rhonda Patrick – Intermittent fasting. There have been many opinions about fasting both pro and con.  However, in the first 30 minutes of this podcast Dr. Rhonda Patrick explores fasting in a way that made more sense to me.  She talked about sleep as fasting (granted only a 10 hour fast, but still fasting).  My takeaway is that most healing gets done during sleep and the fasting triggers healing and supports the reduction of inflammation.  Her advice was to eat while you are awake (duh), and eat all your food within a 12-hour daily period.  Even better for fat loss if you can push it to a 10-hour waking period.  So, if you wake up at 6 am and eat at 7 am, eat your last meal no later than 7 pm for maximum benefit.


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