Cool Stuff Week of June 19th, 2017

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Chicago Style Hot Dogs – This last week I was lucky enough to be speaking in Chicago and had the awesome opportunity to bring my 12-year-old daughter along. We had a wonderful time, and she loved hanging with our friends, the amazing Rice family. One additional highlight for both of us was getting Chicago-style hot dogs in Lake Bluff.  I asked the guy taking our order what the best hot dog was, and he told me to order the Ditka Dog fully loaded. I have never had peppers, pickles, tomatoes, mustard, and onions on the same hot dog; it was huge and amazing. My daughter got a Scooter Dog which had grilled onions and bacon on the hot dog. Both came with homemade fries and a drink. Chicago Dogs – Yup

Brexit not happening – Yes, it is a very real possibility that Brexit may not happen. This would be very good for European trade, travel, and global trade. Wherever there are trade barriers, there is a noose around the neck of the global economy. Cross your fingers…

Café Ettore’s – If you like pastries, cookies, cakes, etc. check out their website here. This place is awesome. They have two locations in the greater Sacramento area, and whenever I am in town, I always pick up their chocolate chip cookies as gifts. If you are driving through Sacramento don’t forget to stop. Your belly will be happy you did.

I wrote about this in a prior post, but here is a quote I love from Hugh Hefner, “The difference between being good and great is all in the details.”

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