Cool Stuff Week of July 3rd, 2017

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Oceanside, CA – Once just a Marine town, Oceanside has revitalized their downtown and the art and food scene is thriving. Last week, I went to the Privateer and had their vegan pizza and coal fired chicken wings.   The service was friendly and the atmosphere was casual, with quality food and great beer.


Sailing to Catalina – Last weekend I sailed from Long Beach to Catalina and got a mooring in Avalon.  First, sailing is the best way to travel.  Slow and steady wins the race.  Lots of time to talk, relax, and enjoy the ocean.  Second, the harbor masters in Catalina are great.   They usher you to your mooring and keep the whole bay organized and working well.  Third, Blue Water Grill in Avalon has great seafood.  I really did not believe the waitress when she said they served hand harpooned, local swordfish, so I didn’t get it….the first night.  My buddies did and raved about it, so I went back and ordered it the second night.  It was amazing, fresh and not tough like I have had before.  Fourth, sailing around Catalina is great.  The winds are predictable and the waves are calm.  The cliffs around the island are beautiful, and the ocean is warm enough to jump in and cool off.  Finally, El Galleon for karaoke cannot be beat for a total mess of an evening where everyone gets to act like a Rockstar while looking like an acceptable idiot.  Well played Catalina…well played.


The Science of Self Control – In this fascinating article, I learned that self-control can be an incremental discipline. I struggle to control my emotions sometimes, and this article was insightful and entertaining.  Check it out here.


In a previous post, I discussed using positive reinforcement rather than punishment to encourage positive behavior in your kids. This is a unique twist on the same theory.  In a relationship, are you accidentally punishing your partner?  This article was a good reminder for me.  Enjoy.

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