Cool Stuff Week of August 14th, 2017

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An awesome article about the future economics of oil and cars sent to me by my good friend Kevin Choquette at Fident Capital. Check out Kevin here.  Check out the article here.


Imperial – Its’s a new hipsterish BBQ joint in Portland. I was there recently for a speaking engagement and sat at the bar. Both bartenders were extremely nice, and encouraged me to get the BBQ special brisket with a mango onion relish, the special mac salad, and a grilled Caesar salad. While the grilled Caesar was not perfect, the brisket was fantastic. The décor is friendly and not overly trendy, and I am a fan. Portland’s food scene is exploding, and this is one of the better options.


Yeah Dave!: Subscribe to his blog here. This is an excerpt from his latest:

“BREAKING: The Good Guys ARE Winning!”

Someone posted the above picture and said, “Meet happy apple (left) and sad apple (right). These are two halves of the same apple.
“On 20 May, I put each in an identical container. For the next six weeks, happy apple sang, laughed, danced and meditated with me. I spoke lovingly to it and thanked it for all its appley splendour.
“During the same period, I spoke a lot of smack to sad apple. I called it a useless, stinking piece of fruit, accused it of messing with my blood sugar levels, and generally gave it a hard time. I also let it listen to Metallica and watch the news.
“I let the experiment run for as long as I could before sad apple started to become a health hazard.
“What you see here are the results. Your words, emotions and intentions are probably (far) more powerful than you realize.”

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