Book: “The Great Game of Business” by Jack Stack – This is a wonderful book about the power of open-book management.  Underpinned by the TGG philosophy of managing business by the numbers, this book dives deep into real world, usable tactics that can be employed to create the culture of accountability, and employee satisfaction through open-book management.  


“The Puppetry of the Penis”: I have been to Las Vegas so many times and seen nearly every major show, so when I asked the concierge at the Palms Place for an off the strip show, I was a little taken back by his suggestion for my wife and I of “The Puppetry of the Penis.”  Not one to back down from an odd recommendation, we went.  I was very skeptical and totally surprised when we laughed our asses off for most of the show.  Yes, it is guys playing with their junk.  Slightly gay, totally absurd, and remarkably funny, I never would have guessed that making caricatures of animals and jokes about your penis for an hour would be entertaining.  It was, but be prepared, these guys take themselves seriously (as actors) which felt a little pretentious.  They are after all naked and playing with themselves.  Whatever?  It was worth the price of admission.


My New Balance running shoes:  These are more comfortable than my traditional running shoes and they look good too.  I have now been wearing them for the past week, and my runs have felt great.



Documentary: Crossfire Hurricane on Netflix /Amazon:  I swear we were going to watch something else.  I turned on the documentary just until my wife had returned so that we could watch our originally scheduled show.  However, this documentary about The Rolling Stones is so good, that we could not turn it off.  Splicing old footage with original fresh interviews, the documentary spins through the first 30 years of The Rolling Stones existence.  My only criticism is that the documentary effectively ends around 1980.  I am curious how their hard partying lives have or have not changed in the last 30 years.  I would love to learn more about the business transformation in the digital age. Maybe that is the next (more boring) documentary.



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