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Cool Stuff week of April 17th, 2017

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Quote:  I heard this quote on Tim Ferriss’ podcast in the episode with Whitney Cummings.  Whitney used a quote that I loved: “Look back to the past but don’t stare.”



Best restaurant I found:  Hobak – While speaking in Las Vegas, I ate at a traditional Korean Barbecue restaurant (off the strip) and it was a wonderful experience.  The food was like the Korean version of Tapas.  The service was attentive and helpful.  I had no idea what to dip with what or what to eat with what.  The cook (who cooks the meat at the table for you) was energetic and sympathetic.  He made me feel comfortable and made the food taste wonderful.



Science is cool.  This proves it:


Interesting Blog:  Not a big name, but constantly providing quick, hard-hitting advice and thought-provoking stories.  A fellow Vandy grad, Dave Romanelli is genuine and uplifting.


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