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Blood, Sweat and Beers – Why I Track Everything

By May 25, 2017 No Comments

I feel better knowing.  Not knowing is scary.

Many people don’t like knowing and practice living “Ignorance is bliss.”  I am a bit too neurotic and controlling to accept ignorance as my default lifestyle choice.  I am uncomfortable with the unknown, and, if I am left to my own thoughts, I am good at conjuring up a slew of conspiracy theories around a multitude of good and terrible things that are “going” to happen.

Facts liberate me from these imaginations.  Truth highlights the value in my actions.  I am at peace with problems that I can see, and I feel empowered to fix those problems which I have identified and wish to change.

I would never feel comfortable managing a business without numbers.  In my business, I track 10 KPIs (key performance indicators) each week, and I track 5 KPIs each month.  Additionally, I review my financial statements in depth each month and build plans to improve, fix problems, enhance positive trends, and, most importantly, keep control.

When I am in control, I feel free.  Free to choose, free to act, free to decide, free to be.

Personally, I track 52 things I do every day.  Some of them are work related, some are personal, and some are about family and relationships. I also track my weight and blood work (which I have done every 6 months) to provide positive (or negative) feedback.

Here is a sample of some of the things I track:


Happy Tracking!

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