The Biggest Thing Going on in My Life Right Now: Wim Hof

By February 24, 2017 4 Comments

Wim Hof is oddly appealing.  He is charismatic, engaging, slightly awkward, and lovable.  His program is pure genius.  I was originally turned on to Wim through the Tim Ferris podcast.  After several videos and hearing additional reinforcement from Joe Rogan, Josh Waitzken, and others, I just started Wim’s 10-week program. It is a program that incorporates breathing and “cold exposure techniques.”

To help me with the daily discipline of doing anything for 10 weeks, I was lucky to con a friend to join me. Currently, I feel like I need this positive peer pressure to hold me accountable/guilty.  I don’t understand why I need this positive validation or positive proof, but I am happy to have it.

The person who I talked into this weird experiment is Josh Nelson.  Josh is the CFO/COO of Seacomp, a fellow Kappa Alpha and Vanderbilt grad.  He is a great dad, amazing finance wizard, climber, and outdoors man.  He is joining me out in the water and becoming a good surfer.  To me he is a great friend with a penchant for adventure and pushing the limits, and I am lucky to have him with me on this journey.

Josh and I started off watching the videos (it took about 2 hours to get through all the intro videos and do the first exercises).  About half way through the intro videos, Josh’s 10-year-old son Charlie (my godson) and his friend joined us.  They sat and did the breathing exercises with us and were amazed that they could hold their breath for well over a minute (after the exercises).

When I was young, I remember competing in the pool for who could hold their breath the longest.  If I was Charlie, I went to school on Monday bragging and holding my breath to prove the doubters wrong.  I would love to get my daughters (Kili (11) and Maile (9)) into this training, but I do have a fear that they will use these techniques to hold their breath in the pool or ocean and accidentally drown.   I am planning a full CPR course with lifesaving for all the kids, and then I may feel better about exposing my kids some of these breath-hold techniques.

To date, I have now done 5 days in a row, and I feel fabulous.  Getting myself to sit and do the breathing exercises every day is challenging.  I am glad to have the video to lead me through each day.  The stretching is therapeutic, and the cold showers are surprising and invigorating at the same time.

I am having some weird dreams, I am not feeling much better physically, but I did surf about two plus hours a day for the past three days.  My neck is sore, and my lower back aches a bit.  Not much to complain about.  All in all, I feel really good.

Mentally, I have never felt better.  I am eager to eat better, drink less, sleep more, be nicer to those around me, and I have increased levels of positivity and energy.  I am encouraged and excited for the next 9 weeks.

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