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A Challenge and an Opportunity

By March 17, 2017 No Comments

This week was a challenge and a huge opportunity.

I have been reading “His Needs, Her Needs” by Willard F. Harley, Jr. in an attempt to better my relationship with my wife.  It is a pretty good book that lays out a case for biological and societal conditioning that creates needs (different needs) for men and women.  The book does a nice job of laying out the 10 factors humans need to feel supported, and those needs vary wildly between men and women and even can vary among individuals of the same sex.

I have found the book hard to apply to my own life.  Worse, I see many of my needs (those of most men) not really being met, and I am confused about how to ask for them (or get them met).

The week started off great.  My wife was out of town for a baby shower, so I took the kids to their WSA surf contest in Huntington Beach.  The waves were pretty big and stormy, and I was proud of my girls.  Today they are not the most talented surfers, but they could be with hard work.  More importantly, they are pushing themselves to overcome their fears, catch the biggest waves, and work hard.  As a result of their personal efforts (not their talent) they both made the finals in their age divisions and had a great time.

Their success was a huge confidence boost for me, because I want them to succeed and have confidence in their abilities to control their lives.  Sunday was a positive step in that direction.

After the contest, my Dad took Kili back to San Diego, and Maile and I were off on a three day epic adventure.


First to dinner at Matsu’s in Huntington Beach:

Matsu’s in Huntington Beach


Sushi Boat



Next Day at the Peterson Museum in Los Angeles:

Outside of the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art:


Making a cake at Cake Mix:

Poke bowls lunch at Lunch:

Knotts Berry Farm

Goofy Faces #1

Goofy Faces #2

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