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The 3 Business Rules to Freedom

By June 2, 2017 No Comments

What are three rules I should follow religiously as a business owner so that I have more freedom?


  1. Stay Healthy – You can’t win if you aren’t in the game. I discipline my health by having accountability friends.  I text one friend every morning I complete my breathing exercises.  I text my trainer each day I complete her exercise routine, and I compare notes with my wife to promote healthy eating and sleep habits.  This positive peer pressure keeps me healthy and feeling sharp.  When I sleep right, eat right, keep my mental health in sharp working order, and consistently work out, my work gets better.  Unfortunately, I have found that I can push too hard.  My intensity is a personal strength, but it can quickly turn into a weakness when my body gives out (even thought my mind may want to push on).  Getting sick, feeling tired, or generally feeling off, challenges my performance and limits my freedom.  Success yields control, and control yields freedom.


  1. Hire Up – The adage is “marry up”, and the same principle applies to hiring solid employees. By hiring responsible, organized and accountable people, I have always found that I can trust their actions and words.  That trust allows me to respect my employee’s space and give them the freedom to get their work done at an elevated level while still providing me with the peace of mind to know that the work will be completed.  When my partners and employees accomplish their roles, they provide me with the freedom I need to work on the most important and most urgent priority.


  1. Measure Everything – What gets measured gets done. Requiring metrics of each individual employee, the business performance, and strategic goals will provide the control necessary to provide freedom.  According to Hugh Hefner, “The difference between good and great is found in the attention to detail.”


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