Wim Hof Update

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Week 5 of Wim Hof and I have hit a wall.  It’s not a big wall, more like a small rock wall.  Like the kind you might find in a British countryside rather than a wall used as defense against Mongol hordes.

For the past two weeks, I have only managed to hit 5 out of 7 days of my breath training.  I am doing 4-5 minute cold showers, and they are becoming comfortable (oddly).  However, I have repeated week 4, because the 10 minute cold showers are intimidating.

In an interesting twist, I took my first hot shower yesterday, and it felt uncomfortable.  As I got out of the shower I was sweaty and overheated.  5 weeks ago, I couldn’t imagine a cold shower.  It was painful when I had no hot water and had to shower in the cold.  Today, cold showers are normal.

I have seen a dramatic change in my body and mind since the start of my Wim Hof training.  Perhaps the biggest surprise is that I am better able to control my emotions during the day.  That said, only doing 5 out of 7 days, I can see a significant fall off when I start my new week after two days off.

This week, I have steadily progressed.  I am on day 6, and my breath holds are nearly 3 minutes and this morning I did 100 push-ups while holding my breath after a full exhale.  Before I started the program, I could hold my breath for a little over a minute and barely do 80 push-ups while breathing.

Still, I can’t help feeling that I have not fully committed to the 7 days (in a row) each week.  Also, it feels like a failure to have to repeat a week.

Other things to note:

  • I have the greatest success doing the Wim Hof practice in the mornings as soon as I wake up.
  • I tried to do the exercises and breath holds yesterday afternoon, and my mind wandered to work and other fears. Because of my afternoon training, my breath holds and push-ups were about 30% less than normal morning measurements.
  • The meditation part of the practice is missing for me. I will keep doing it, but I am not getting the same positive feelings described by others.
  • I feel like I have more self-control. I have committed to not drinking during the week.  Normally, I miss an evening beer after work, but this week, I had the opportunity and my body told me that it would feel bad (rather than my mind requiring self-control).

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